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Each Natural Smile Brings Us One Step Closer To Saving The World!

About Gaiatabs

It is our committed mission, at Gaiatabs, LLC, (aka Gaia) to provide and promote harmony with nature to achieve a healthier, sustainable, and prosperous society.  Our main reason for starting Gaiatabs is our desire to offer a more natural, healthy, and environmentally safe alternative to toothpaste.  We want to encourage healthy and smart choices when it comes to your health and our planet.

We believe dental care is a necessity and not a luxury and therefore we produced this amazingly new fun filled way for you to care for your teeth and gums. We say no to plastic, non-recyclable tubes, and no yucky waste in our oceans and landfills. Each Natural Smile Brings Us One Step Closer To Saving The World!

We Bring You the Best Toothpaste Tablets in Town

Gaiatabs, LLC is revolutionizing the way we’ve brushed our teeth for many years! This minority-owned and family-operated business was founded in 2021 by Vicki McKoy-EL. Located in South Atlanta, GA, Vicki and her family are strong promoters of healthy and natural living.

They owned and operated several businesses including "The Aromatherapy Place" and "ScentSationals, LLC" which also produce natural beauty products, candles, and teas using chemical-free ingredients and pure essential oils.

In 2019, when Vicki was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism, she discovered excessive exposure to fluoride was one culprit amongst many that were causing this disease.

Over time, hyperparathyroidism leads to a depletion of calcium in bone structures and higher-than-normal concentrations of calcium in the blood.

They openly support the International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) given they are an organization that campaigns against the use of added fluoride.

IAOMT clearly states that fluoride may also contribute to the following health problems:

  • Acne and other skin problems
  • Cardiovascular problems, including arteriosclerosis and arterial calcification, high blood pressure, myocardial damage, cardiac insufficiency, and heart failure
  • Reproductive issues, such as lower fertility and early puberty in girls
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Conditions affecting the joints and bones, such as osteoarthritis, bone cancer, and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)
  • Neurological problems, possibly leading to ADHD


Moreover, Vicki found out that our countries landfills are completely overrun with plastic and aluminum containers. This overflow is flooding our oceans and destroying Mother Earth. As you may know, this toxic waste includes plastic tubes with aluminum liners. Better known as toothpaste tubes!

Aluminum studies have linked frequent exposure to high levels of aluminum to neurotoxicity (adverse health effects on the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, or both), Alzheimer's disease, and breast cancer. If our planet and population depended on it, what would you do? #Protectyourmother #Preventcancer

Say Hello to the Solution: Gaiatabs 

As you could presume, Vicki quickly began researching natural remedies for toothpaste with fluoride. She has partnered with two highly respected US and UK-based dental manufacturers who combined healthy ingredients to produce and manufacture an all-natural toothpaste tablet. This revolutionary tablet not only promotes healthy teeth, gums, and breath without chemicals or fillers, but it also sparks a true shift in our societal ability to live in a plastic-free world!

If it's God's will, Gaiatabs will be coming soon to heath food, grocery stores, pharmacies, Amazon, Airports, HSN, and so much more! Any place you can imagine, we’ll be there!

What Are Gaiatabs’s Toothpaste Tablets?

The Only Natural and Vegan Tablet Option That Makes You Stay ‘So Fresh, So Clean’

Gaia tablets are free from SLS, gluten, and titanium dioxide. They do not contain any food of animal origin and are produced in a GMP-certified factory without any experiments on animals. Our eco-friendly packaging and reusable glass bottles truly tie together our initiative to thrive without plastic!

Perfectly Healthy and Mobile Option for the Frequent Traveler

If you’re an avid traveler who loves to go camping every chance you get, keeping clean teeth and fresh breath can be quite a difficult feat! We would venture to even say it’s pretty impossible to carry a large plastic tube of toothpaste in your small carry-on! Fortunately, thanks to Gaia’s toothpaste tablets, all your traveling troubles are in the past!

A Hygiene-Conscious Brand That Cares About Dental Health and Planet Protection

Most diseases you contract, especially pandemics, caused by traditional types of toothpaste might be spread to your caring family members as well.

We don’t want that to happen to the people you love!

To minimize this unnecessary spread of bacteria, we completely eliminated the need for contact between your toothbrush and toothpaste to get you that squeaky clean smile you love so much. Our innovative toothpaste tablets are all you need to feel fresh indeed!

We promote hygienic teeth cleaning methods by preventing the growth of harmful bacteria that quickly spreads throughout the family unit. Our new generation, all-natural, toothpaste tablets are completely changing the hygiene game!

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Trust Us, We Care!

To offer the perfect experience for all our valued customers, we developed our products in collaboration with numerous organizations specializing in pharmacology and medicine.

Throughout the creation of our revolutionary products, we worked alongside the best raw material manufacturers in the world. Trust us, these professionally made products won’t disappoint you!

If you are not completely satisfied with the amazing results our Gaiatabs family guarantees with each toothpaste tablet, please email us at with your name, email address, and order number. You have our word; we’ll make it right!


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