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Bamboo Toothbrush with Natural Charcoal Bristles - All Natural Dental Care

Why use Bamboo toothbrush with natural Charcoal bristles?

This type of toothbrush provides an all-natural dental care, its handle is made of bamboo wood, the bristles of the bamboo toothbrush are made with fibers and charcoal from the same plant, bamboo is considered the fastest growing plant, it grows at a rate of up to 60 centimeters per day that passes, it is a plant that benefits the soil to a high degree, as it prevents erosion of these with the branched shape of its roots, produces up to 35 percent more oxygen than other plants, and after planted it is not necessary to re-harvest it.

The best thing about the Bamboo toothbrush with natural Charcoal bristles, is that they are a material that biodegrades in months, and becomes a fertilizer for the soil, by the action of microorganisms in the soil, a great advantage over conventional toothbrushes, which can take several hundred years to biodegrade, causing pollution of rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans, affecting the flora and marine fauna.

By using this type of toothbrush, you are contributing greatly to the conservation of the planet, and the species that cohabit with man, the healthier life in the hydrosphere, will impact the emergence of alternatives to increase the food line that depends on water, fish, shellfish, and all marine species will benefit in their procreation.

Is a Bamboo toothbrush with natural Charcoal bristles as efficient as a conventional one?

In the manufacture of this kind of toothbrush, bamboo fiber is used to produce soft and efficient bristles to clean teeth, and its handle is made of bamboo wood, with ergonomic designs, long handle that provides better handling in toothbrushing, with proper use and maintenance is as efficient as a plastic toothbrush.

How to keep a Bamboo toothbrush with natural Charcoal bristles in good condition?

To keep a Bamboo toothbrush in good condition, it should be washed in the same way as other toothbrushes, with the precaution of not keeping it wet, remember that it is a vegetable material, it should be dried in the air, if you notice changes in the color of the handle of the brush, or in the bristles, it is not alarming, it is logical that a vegetable material presents changes in color when in contact with water and humidity.

The replacement of the toothbrush should be done in a similar way as with plastic toothbrushes, following the indications of dentists, the useful life of any toothbrush should not exceed four months.

When replacing the toothbrush with a new bamboo toothbrush, the discarded toothbrush handle can be used in other trades, and if thrown in the trash, sort it among the organic material.

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