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We promise to leave your mouth feeling 'So Fresh, So Clean'!

All Natural Ingredients
All Vegan
Paraben Free
Non Toxic
Not Tested On Animals
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • All Vegan
  • Paraben Free
  • Non Toxic
  • Not Tested On Animals

Why Our Customers love us

  • 5

    My husband is hooked on
    Gaiatabs - after he got the hang of how they worked!! We will most definitely
    be ordering more!

    Alicia Thomas

  • 5

    It really is an amazing product! Regular
    toothpaste doesn’t give me this same fresh feeling!

    Adrienne Carraway

  • 5

    My husband is using all my tablets! We love them
    and the plant based compostable toothbrush - we will buy more!

    Mavis Washington

  • 5

    Gaiatab's all natural toothpaste tablets and the
    bamboo toothbrush are great! I recommend you try!

    Jeff Karpinski

  • 5

    My dog ate all of my Gaiatabs! He has the
    freshest breath at the dog park. He's said they're Guurrrreeeeeaaatttt and all
    natural--safe for dogs!

    Drake (Husky Dog)

  • 5

    If you haven’t tried the Gaiatabs yet, you are
    missing out! They make your whole mouth feel refreshed and they taste minty

    Tracy Taylor-Young

  • 5

    Colgate don't have anything on Gaiatabs -- they
    leave your breath feeling extra fresh. This right here -- is the real deal! Try it for

    Mark Estelle

  • 5

    Gaiatab's toothpaste tablets are amazing! I love
    them and how they make your mouth feel so fresh and so clean. Highly recommend!

    Tish Curry-Wright

  • 5

    This product is AMAZING!

    Ade Uiyoshioria

  • 5

    Gaiatabs are the BOMB!

    Sharon Smith

  • 5

    Besides the initial clean fresh minty taste, I
    notice that clean feeling lasts longer throughout my day. I love Gaiatabs!

    Sheila Jordan

  • 5

    I call them sexy! All natural and good for
    the environment.

    Cooki Bland

  • 5

    Gaiatab's are amazing! It's all natural and
    they leave your teeth feeling like you just had your teeth professionally

    Calvenas Bowles

  • 5

    I've replaced my toothpaste with Gaiatabs! They
    are so refreshing. I kept licking my tongue across my teeth. The taste is

    Wanda Lipscomb-Lee

  • 5

    Gaiatab's all natural toothpaste tablets are
    amazing!! They leave my mouth and teeth feeling like they do after i go to the

    Regina Richardson

  • 5

    It’s the clean teeth and refreshing breath for
    me! I highly recommend Gaiatabs!

    Felicia Poole Watson

How to use

  • 1 Pop a tablet in your mouth and chew to dissolve it.
  • 2 Wet your toothbrush and brush those pearly whites!
  • 3 Smile to get a glimpse of the foam working its magic
  • 4 Gargle and rinse to get that sweet “so fresh, so clean” feel.
  • 5 Repeat twice a day for that winning smile!


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